Carbon Cub S+ AS3x GPS

by Jerry Houser

Do initial setup per airplane instruction manual (both transmitter & airplane).

This information is based on a Spektrum DX6e transmitter set up per airplane manual.

After initial setup, prior to each flight:

1. After connecting battery, set airplane on its landing gear and wait for    the elevator to quit cycling before moving airplane.

2. Select safe plus mode desired with 3-position switch B.
   I recommend using position 2 which is the experienced position.

3. Set flaps to desired takeoff position (recommend up).

4. Taxi or set airplane on centerline, pointed into wind, at desired    touchdown location.

5. Push and hold bind button for 3 seconds, wait for all control surfaces    to quit cycling.

6. Perform takeoff.

7. If desired to return to starting point and fly circles around it,    briefly press and release bind button. Repeat brief press & release to    cancel circling and return full control to pilot.

8. If desired to autoland, set up airplane on a downwind leg then press
   and hold bind button for 3 seconds – airplane will “wiggle” when it    engages.

9. No control inputs (including throttle) are needed for the autoland    process.
   To abort autoland, briefly press & release bind button to take manual    control.

10. Once aircraft has almost rolled to a stop, briefly press & release     bind button to enable pilot to have control to taxi the aircraft.

11. To shut off the GPS inflight, while holding the bind button down cycle     the mode switch (B) 3 complete cycles – from beginner to experienced     and back to beginner is considered one cycle.

12. When the airplane reaches the “Fence” the course reversal is fairly     abrupt. Pilot has no control until the airplane gets back near the     starting point and wiggles to show that pilot again has control.

13. Panic Mode = switch mode switch (B) to beginner and release both     sticks.

Per Horizon, if virtual fence is not working try repeating the compass calibration procedure and then try to set the virtual fence again.

This information is provided based on my experience in setting one up and making a couple of flights with it. If anyone has any corrections or suggestions please let me know.

Jerry Houser