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For Sale

Post: AxF2
PIPER J3 CUB WITH SPEKTRUM RECEIVER AND FLOATS $150 Nicholas R Glorioso 802 733 2590

Post: VQAY
02-12-22 E-flite EC-1500, BNF New in Box. Auction to highest bidder. Please send me an email or text to me: Jon Schleif (Treasurer) with your bid to the email listed below. The reserve is met, current bid is $350.00 (Reserve on NEW IN BOX Estate Merchandise is Retail Street price less 25%). All proceeds will go to SD Wingmasters Remote Controlled Club. Cash, Check. Wingmasters Estate Auction Auction Ends 4/4/2022 Jon Schleif Wingmasters Estate Auction 760-331-4122. Link to auction ad on RCGroups Wingmasters Estate Auction 760-331-4122

For Trade

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