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Club Meeting Agenda

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San Diego Wingmasters R/C Club

Meeting Agenda

February 13, 2021

Please practice social distancing by maintaining 6 feet from others. Masks are recommended. 

I.         Call To Order

II.        Approval of Minutes

III.      Treasurer’s Report (Julian)

IV.      Membership Report (Jerry)                    


V.        Field Maintenance Report 

                        -Thanks to Rick for leveling off the area beyond west end of runway

-Thanks to Tucker for re-carpeting a couple of the benches 

-Thanks to Dan & Rick for partially leveling the runway bump      


 VI.      Field Safety Report (Dan)                                 


VII.      Old Business:               



VIII.     New Business:

                        -Thanks to Dan and Ian for their “officership” in 2020

-Confirmation, by majority vote of members present, Dan Bliss as Safety  Officer to replace Mario who resigned. 

                        -Put temporary foamies flying area into field rules?

                        -Meeting schedule for next few months

                        -Approval for funds (approx.. $250) for shade around charging station area

                       -Issues with group emails and texts for field status notification

                        -Member suggestions for amendments to bylaws

                                    Increase percentage needed to initiate recall process from 10% (VIII, d)?

                                    How to handle a tie vote (VIII, b), coin toss, etc.?                      


IX.       Adjournment

X.        I Have a New Airplane




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