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AMA Charter #1615


Club Meeting Agenda

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Wingmasters R/C Club

December 15, 2018

I.         Call To Order

II.        Approval of Minutes

III.      Treasurer’s Report (Julian)

IV.      Membership Report (Jerry)            


V.        Field Maintenance Report 

                        -Thanks to Jon Schleif for the quick repair of the hole in the runway          

-New charging table designed and built by Jon Schleif with assistance from Jeff Lastofka and Ellsworth Orr.

-Thanks Ellsworth (& Julian?) for great Knaack box paint job

 VI.      Field Safety Report (Mario)

                        -Concern about low, fast passes down center of runway.          


VII.      Old Business:                      

                        -Reminder about FAA registration of RC aircraft

VIII.     New Business:

                        -Certificates of appreciation

                        -Last member to leave field must lock the gate (unless county is here)

-Possible future requirement to pass FAA knowledge test to fly RC

-Nominations for club officers for 2019                       

IX.       Adjournment

X.        I Have a New Airplane







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