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It was a good showing for the informal swap meet on the September meeting day.  Jon worked some more on the new charging table – thanks Jon !  

An important item brought up at today’s meeting was that we need more of our members to volunteer for small projects around the field.  Other than what has been done by the paid gardeners, the majority of the field maintenance has been done by Ellsworth and Julian during the past couple of years.  It’s not fair that they spend so much of their time doing the work.  I know that not everyone is capable of physical work but I would ask that some who are capable step up and volunteer for some of the field maintenance.  We are very fortunate that John Albu is continuing to keep our website working.  I don’t think that all members appreciate how much time Ellsworth, Julian, and John spend on these projects. 

Our annual picnic is coming up in October.  As usual, the club will furnish the sandwiches (thanks Julian for attending to them) and water.  Each member attending is asked to bring a side dish – chips, appetizer, salad, dessert.  You might also bring a folding chair or two.  Family members are encouraged to attend.  No one volunteered to coordinate any contests so there will be no formal contests this year.  All club members names will be put into a container and names drawn out to see who wins the door prizes.  You MUST be present to win otherwise another name will be drawn. 

We look forward to the weather cooling down a bit in the coming weeks. 

See you at the field,  Dean


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