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GENERAL MEETING NOTES - September 8, 2018

Jerry Houser

The general membership meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM. Board Members present were Dean Brown - President, Julian Schock - Treasurer, Rick Klaeser - Vice-President, Jerry Houser - Secretary, and Jon Schleif - Director. There were 22 club members present plus one guest.

Treasurer's Report:
Julian presented the treasurers report which was accepted.

Membership Report:
We have a total of 76 members. This includes 64 regular members, 10 junior members, and 2 associate members. New members are: Chuck Crane, Jim Long, Donald Sondys, and Trevor Sondya.

Field Maintenance Report:
-Jon Schleif reports that progress is being made on the new charging station and that over half of the approximately $600 cost to date has been covered by donations. Thanks to those who have contributed to the project.
-Jon also stated that very few individuals, recently Julian, Ellsworth, and he, have been maintaining or building items at the field. We need more volunteers who will take on a small project when needed - items like paining or repairing termite damaged wood. Please volunteer to do some of these small projects as they are needed.

Field Safety Report:
-While no rattle snakes have been observed on the runway or pit area so far this year, one was recently observed on the road leading to the field. Several were observed on the field last year. Please watch for them. Also a reminder that there is poison oak in the gullies around the field and ticks that could carry lime disease are in the fields. After a trip into the weeds to retrieve a downed airplane, it is suggested that you check yourself for ticks.
-While flying, please remember to callout your intentions - on the runway, landing, dead stick, low pass, etc. These are important safety callouts.

Old Business:
-Members were reminded to be sure to take back home all swap meet items that they did not sell or give away today.
-Our annual club picnic is the second Saturday in October. We have a new EZ Star that was recently donated to the club that can be used for one prize. Jerry & Dean will attempt to either get a donation of a couple of gift certificates or purchase same for use as additional prizes. No one volunteered to be the contest organizer so there will be no formal contests. Prizes will be given as "door prizes" based on the drawing of club members names. Water and sandwiches will be provided by the club. Each member attending is asked to bring a side dish - chips, appetizer, dessert, salad, etc.

New Business:
-We thank John Albu who, from his new home in New Mexico, is continuing to improve our website.
-It's fire season - if you see smoke in the area please evacuate the field immediately.
-We are sad to report that former, long time member Bill Lane has passed.
-Please take photos of items of interest at the field as well as new or unique airplanes or activities and upload them to our website. Also, please take videos which can be uploaded by Jerry.
-Former member Gary Lane donated many useful items to the club. One item will be used as a prize at our picnic, other items were taken after making a small donation to the club, while members helped themselves to some of the smaller items. Thanks Gary.
-Palomar RC Flyers is having a glider tow event on October 6th. There will be BBQ available for lunch and night flying will follow the days events.

-The meeting was adjourned at 10:18 AM.

I Got a New Plane:


Julian Schock

Report Date 12/6/2018  
Month Ending on 11/30/2018   Month of November
Begin Balance $7,682.26
Dues $72.00  
Other Income  
Bank Service Charge  
Projects, New Equipment $255.76   (Jersey Mike's)
Field Maintenance $203.43   (porta-potty, paint, roundup)
Member Benefits  
Member Communications  
Runway repair  
Miscellaneous $21.57   (Web service)
Income less Expenses -$408.76  
Check book bal. (start month) $7,682.26  
Check book bal. (end month) $7,273.50  
ENDING BALANCE $7,273.50  

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