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A recent call to AMA confirmed that BOTH the FAA UAS registration as well as the TRUST certificates are now required by the Government.  It has come to our attention that some members are lacking one or both of these certificates and that several members do not have their FAA UAS registration number on the OUTSIDE of their aircraft as required by Federal regulation.  A few months ago, a club in San Diego County was shut down for a period of time for not being in compliance with these regulations.  It is mandatory that all members obtain both certificates as soon as possible if they don't already possess one or both of them.  Also, please make certain your registration number is on the outside of all aircraft that are flown at the Wingmasters field.  Members also must have copies of their FAA UAS and TRUST certificates available when they are flying (electronic copies are acceptable).  We do not want the club to suffer a temporary shutdown because of lack of compliance. 

TRUST certificate information may be found by going to the AMA site (, scrolling to the very bottom of the opening page and selecting TRUST. 

FAA UAS registration may be accomplished by going to    The cost is $5 and it is good for 3 years.  For recreational flying, select the recreational exemption option.  For aircraft make, model, etc. you can pick one of your models or use homebuilt. 

Thank you

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