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GENERAL MEETING NOTES - November 5th, 2022

Jerry Houser

The meeting was called to order at 9:18 AM by JT Evans, President. Board Members present were JT Evans - President, Rick Klaeser - Vice-President, Jerry Houser - Secretary, Ty Spencer - Safety Officer and Bill Weiler - treasurer. There were a total of 13 club members who participated with other members gathering for the upcoming picnic and flying events.

There was unanimous approval of the minutes of the October meeting as posted on the club website.

Treasurer's Report:
The treasurers report was accepted.

Membership Report:
-We have a total of 60 members 5 of which are Junior members. Richard Torres is a new member.

Field Maintenance Report:
-Thank you to Dan and Darryl for their continued repairs especially on the runway during this past month.
-Ty suggested that we establish a quarterly maintenance budget that can be used for field repairs. Dan & Darryl have been spending their personal money on supplies. This quarterly maintenance budget will appear on the December agenda for member approval.

Field Safety Report:
From our safety officer:
-Ty reports that it has been a good month with no observed safety concerns.

Old Business:
-Our new website is reportedly almost completed with the sign up of members for flying being the last item that is being worked on.
-Jerry asked that the board members get a chance to try the final product prior to it going live and that club members be given adequate notice prior to the changeover.

New Business:
-The 2023 officer nomination committee presented the following names of those who agreed to serve for 2023:
President: JT Evans
Vice-President: Dan Bliss
Secretary: Darryl Pang
Treasurer: Seth Goldblum
Safety Officer: Ty Spencer
Ty reported that, after the agenda had been posted, he received a call from Cruz Ortiz who stated his interest in running for President. Ty indicated to him that the agenda was already posted but that he could show up at the meeting on November 5th and nominate himself or have someone else show up at the meeting and nominate him. Cruz indicated that he would do that but was not present at the meeting and no one present at the meeting nominated him.
-Therefore, the five members presented by the nomination committee were voted unanimously, by the members present, to be our club officers for 2023.

-Seth wanted members to know that if they had a Spektrum NX radio they should not download the 3.07 update at this time as it has a bug in it that Spektrum is correcting.

-The meeting was adjourned at 9:27 am.

I Got a New Plane:


Bill Weiler

Report Date 11/04/2022  
Month Ending on 10/31/2022  
Begin Balance 11953.15
Other Income  
Bank Service Charge $0.00  
Projects, New Equipment  
Field Maintenance $70.41   Diamond Environmental
Member Benefits  
Member Communications $8.71   Web Hosting
Runway repair $0.00  
Miscellaneous $75.00   Picnic gift cards
Income less Expenses -$154.12  
Check book bal. (start month)  
Check book bal. (end month)  
ENDING BALANCE $11,799.03  

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